Books by local authors!

We have some great new books that are specific to Monterey County and written by local authors!        

Written by the Monterey Pine Forest Watch, this book includes forest trail maps and lists of native plants, birds, butterflies, and mammals.

        Passion for Place
Passion for Place
Paola Fiorelle Berthoin
A stunning collection of community reflections, paintings, and photographs from those who have come to call the Carmel River Watershed their home.

What's New!

Hand painted lapel pins by wildlife sculptor, Michael Van Houzen! 





A line of colorful jewelry by Adajio.





Sibley's Bird Guide: Second Edition



Completely revised edition with many new illustrations, additional rare birds, updated range maps, and expanded species information. 




Introducing Opticron, our new line of binoculars!

Opticron is an esteemed UK-based company specializing in affordable, high-quality binoculars for all ages and experience levels. Their compact and lightweight designs are the result of the company’s maxim: “smaller, lighter, brighter, sharper.” We think you’ll agree our Opticron selection provides an excellent value for the optical features most important to you.  

Wildlife Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

From 100 pieces up to 1500 pieces for ages 5 and up

Treat your birds to a day at the spa!

New Baths
Baths are a bird magnet! Enjoy their antics as they splash and preen.
Priced $60-$220

Many sock designs for nature and pet lovers!

Featuring designs from Wheelhouse and Socksmith