Bat Houses

Did you know? Bats play a valuable role in our environment! They are the primary predators of night-flying insects. They control insect populations which in turn helps out gardeners, farmers and the balance of nature.

      Bat House at Wild Bird Haven, Monterey, California
A triple-chamber bat house is a perfect hotel for numerous bats!

Butterfly Houses

Butterfly houses offer shelter from weather, a place for breeding, or a place to stay for a period of time. A delightful focal point... Try one in your garden today!

      Butterfly House for your garden, at Wild Bird Haven, Monterey, California      
Butterflies would love to have a house of their own in the garden! 

Ladybug Houses & Lures

You know that ladybugs bring good fortune... They are also a natural pest remover for the garden! Ladybug lures can be used inside ladybug houses or on infested plant stems.

      Ladybug House for your garden, at Wild Bird Haven, Monterey, California
Using ladybug lures, in combination with a ladybug house, is the perfect way to attract ladybugs to your garden.



Birdhouse at Wild Bird Haven, Monterey, California



Give your feathered friends a cozy place to call home! Installing a birdhouse in your yard provides a safe haven for birds to roost (keep warm) and nest, while offering a great viewing experience for nature lovers!




Decorative Bird House - Wild Bird Haven in Monterey, CA


Our team can help you determine which birdhouse is right for you! Other critters that would love a home are bats, butterflies and ladybugs.

These locally made decorative houses add a touch of rustic whimsy.  


Nesting Material 

Putting out cotton nest building material will provide help for birds constructing nests in the spring and summer. This will attract a variety of birds, especially goldfinches. Adding hints of orange or yellow in the nesting material, such as yarn or string, can help attract orioles.