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Feeding Preferences of Local Backyard Birds

Not all birds will come to a feeder. Various species have their own favorite foods that may require special feeders (or none at all). Grain-eating birds prefer to eat on the ground, while many insectivores hunt and catch insects in flight. See the kinds of foods our local birds enjoy!   

 The following list provides examples of selections made by various common bird species. It is by no means all-inclusive.

Preferred Food                Local Species

Grain (White Proso Millet)                                                           
Quail                                        California Quail       
- Dove                                        Mourning Dove, Eurasian Collared Dove
- Pigeon                                     Band-tailed Pigeon, Rock Pigeon

Seed & Grain
Junco                                       Dark-eyed “Oregon” Junco
- Sparrow                                   Song Sparrow, Golden-crowned, White-crowned
- Towhee                                    California Towhee, Spotted Towhee

Chickadee                               Chestnut-backed Chickadee
- Finch                                        House Finch, Purple Finch
- Jay                                            Western Scrub Jay, Steller’s Jay
- Titmouse                                  Oak Titmouse
- Grosbeak                                 Black-headed Grosbeak

Specialized Seeds, Nuts
Goldfinch                                 American & Lesser Goldfinch, Pine Siskin
- Nuthatch                                  White-breasted, Red-breasted, & Pygmy Nuthatch
- Woodpecker                           Acorn Woodpecker, Nuttall’s Woodpecker

Hummingbird                          Anna’s Hummingbird, Allen’s Hummingbird
- Oriole                                      Bullock’s Oriole, Hooded Oriole

Suet, Fruit, Raisins
Robin                                      American Robin  (fruit)
- Warbler                                   Yellow-rumped Warbler, Townsend’s Warbler (suet)
- Tanager                                   Western Tanager
- Wren                                       Bewick’s Wren (suet)
- Kinglet                                    Ruby-crowned Kinglet (suet)

Insects, Worms, Grubs, Larvae
Robin                                      American Robin
- Bluebird                                  Western Bluebird
- Flycatcher                               Black Phoebe, Pacific-slope Flycatcher
- Warbler                                   Wilson’s Warbler
- Woodpecker                           Northern Flicker
- Towhee                                   California Towhee, Spotted Towhee
- Wren                                       Bewick’s Wren