Simple hanging Tray feeder
A simple tray feeder with Western Blend. Great for attracting a large variety of birds.

Birdfeeding Basics

Enjoy the birds with your new bird feeder!

If this is your first feeder, here are some tips to help maximize your birding success.

Where should I place my feeder?
Birds are more likely to find a new feeder that is placed farther from the house and within range of brush cover to escape from potential predators. If you’d like to observe the birds better, once they have found the feeder you can gradually move it closer to a window.

What is the best seed to use?
We recommend our Western Blend to attract the greatest variety of seed-eating birds in the Monterey area. If you want to avoid shells or sprouting under your feeder, try Patio Mix, which contains only hulled seeds. More information about all the different kinds of seed we offer is available here.

How should I store my seed?
The best way to store seed is in a tightly closed metal container located outside or in the garage. Rodents can chew through plastic and warmer room temperatures increase the likelihood of seed moths. During warmer months, don't buy as much seed at one time. We rotate our seed and buy on a weekly basis to maximize freshness. In general, a 20lb bag of seed should be used within a month. If seed moths become a problem for you, we have Pantry Pest traps you can place in your seed bin. For small portions of seed and/or seedcakes, freezing them overnight will kill any potential seed moth eggs/larvae and allow you to store them inside longer.

How long does it take for the birds to find a feeder?
It may take a few weeks for the birds to find a newly placed feeder. You can sprinkle a few seeds on the ground below the feeder to make it more visible to birds flying overhead.

How often should I refill my feeder?
Refill only empty feeders. If seed clumps at the bottom, remove the remaining seed and clean the feeder before refilling. Don’t feel pressured to refill empty feeders asap; you can choose to refill them every few days, or whenever is most convenient for your time and budget.

What if I decide to travel while the birds are used to a full feeder?
You can choose to leave the feeder up and have it empty while you’re gone, or bring the feeder inside. The birds will be fine and return to their natural foraging habits while you are away.

Why won’t some of the birds I see come to the feeder?
Some bird species are insectivores and are not attracted to seed. Non seed-eating birds may come to suet or fruit feeders instead. A clean water source will also attract a greater variety of avian visitors to your yard.

Is it true that feeding will prevent their migrations?
Feeding the birds will not affect their migration patterns, so it is safe to keep a feeder up all year. In fact, feeding helps provide “quick stops” for migrating birds to replenish their energy along their way.