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The Campania Story

Campania International, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of fine garden accents in cast stone. Founded in 1983, their quality, design and finishes are unequalled.

We offer a large selection of Campania birdbaths in a variety of styles to add distinction, beauty or whimsy to your garden. Each piece will age naturally for a unique look.

Come to the Wild Bird Haven to see our current collection! Until then, here's just a sample of some baths we love...

Heart shaped bird baths make great design pieces as well!

yin and yang
The "Yin Yang" is a symbol of balance, and will harmony to your garden. 

The "Songbird's Rest" birdbath is a sweet place for birds to bathe or drink!





Wild birds seek sources of clean water for drinking and bathing. A birdbath attracts a wide variety of birds to your backyard!

At Wild Bird Haven, you'll find hanging, deck-mount and free-standing birdbaths. Styles include baths made from stone, ceramic, metal and heavy duty plastic.

If you are looking for a large fountain, we can special order one for you!



Standing three feet with a sweet bird pair sitting atop it, the "Juliet" birdbath is a lovely accent to a garden.   Juliet

With intricate leaf details on the base, this "Rousseau" birdbath is an elegant example of Campania stone craft.  

´╗┐Birdbath Cleaning

We have excellent cleaning products that are non-toxic to birds, wildlife and pets.

Water Wigglers & Mosquito Prevention

wwWant to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying? While the Water Wiggler's moving ripples naturally attract birds, they also prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water, interrupting the breeding cycle. A must-have for every birdbath!

Ask us about other products available to repel mosquitoes.