Photo © Bill Hill

Fun Facts

  • In 1784, Benjamin Franklin proposed the Wild Turkey for the national bird of America; needless to say, the Bald Eagle won the majority vote.
  • Telling male and female Wild Turkeys can be done in a snap, as males are almost twice the size as females!
  • Although its presence today in Monterey County results from reintroduction, the Wild Turkey was likely a native during the Pleistocene Era.

Bird of the Month

November 2011

Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)

When Wild Turkeys say "gobble, gobble!" – just what do they really mean? As ground-feeding birds, Wild Turkeys love a scattered buffet of cracked or whole corn mixed with millet, sunflower, fruits and berries.
Unlike their farm-bound cousins, Wild Turkeys roam free in open oak or mixed deciduous woodlands. As the largest game bird, they are a frequent target for hunters during breeding season. Female Wild Turkeys visit and breed with groups of courting males, whose loud "gobbling" love-song signals their location. The females go on to raise their offspring alone.
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