Squirrel Busters
Weight activated squirrel-proof feeders

Feeder Accessories

Whether you want to foil squirrels or racooons, have a tray to catch falling seed, or need brushes to clean your feeders, we have it all! Ask a team member to lead you in the right directrion!

Baffles such as this one can foil squirrels, as well as keep feeders protected from harsh weather.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders make the perfect backyard accessory to attract a variety of birds! 

Tube Feeders

With comfortable perches and large feeding ports, tube feeders attract many bird species. New Easy-Clean feeders make feeder hygiene simple, with removable bases for thorough cleaning.

Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Are squirrels an issue? One of our Squirrel Buster, Bouncer, or Droll Yankee Flipper feeders will stop squirrels from eating up all your seed! Weight activated, they solve the problem of thieving squirrels -- and pigeons, too!

Hummingbird Feeders

Bring beautiful hummingbirds to your yard with a nectar feeder! From simple to elegant, we have what hummingbirds want as well as what matches your personal style.

Oriole Feeders

Another bird that loves nectar is the oriole. We have feeders sized for orioles, as well as various jelly cups to satisfy these orange and black feathered friends.

Nyjer Feeders

Want to attract goldfinches and siskins? They love to cling on mesh nyjer feeders and eat away! Add a tray to the bottom to encourage other birds, such as House Finches, chickadees and juncos, to enjoy any fallen seed.

Platform Feeders

Made especially for ground-feeding friends, platform feeders are perfect for attracting doves, quail, sparrows, and more!

Hopper Feeders

With a roof and multiple walls, these feeders look similar to a house! Popular for many types of birds, and attractive in your backyard! Choose from wood or recycled material in a "faux wood" finish.

Suet Feeders

These square, compact, wire-cage, hanging feeders hold either suet or square seedcakes. Especially enticing for clinging birds.

Squirrel Feeders

What's that? You say you actually want to feed the squirrels? We have squirrel boxes and corn-on-the-cob feeders to satisfy them.

Peanut Feeders

We have feeders for peanuts in the shell, as well as shelled peanuts. These are favorites for woodpeckers and jays.