Hummingbird Socks in Monterey, CA
     Bird socks for nature lovers!

Wheelhouse Designs offers more than 95 dog breed socks!


You may be surprised to discover that Wild Bird Haven also offers apparel! We specialize in finding flattering wardrobe pieces that perform a useful function. In other words, beautiful clothes that work for you!

We love well-made clothing that works for your lifestyle, like...

  • Quality T-shirts with whimsical yet sophisticated patterns—you'll live in these.
  • Wide selection of colorful socks...a perfect gift for nature, bird or animal lovers.
  • Great-looking hats with UV protection in beautiful fashion shades.
  • Beautiful, patterned tunics that hit the right length to wear over jeans or slacks.
  • Loose-knit shrugs in wonderful colors add a light layer to your warm weather wardrobe.


            hat      hat
           Hats from Dorfman-Pacific and Wallaroo make the perfect topper!