About Us

Wild Bird Haven

Jill Himonas, birding in Monterey Bay AreaLocal Since 2001

The Wild Bird Haven is locally owned and operated by Jill Himonas. She believes that the ‘local factor’ provides her team with a special slant that benefits customers. “We feel a kinship with our customers in appreciating this magnificent part of the world and wanting to preserve its beauty,” she says. “As bird enthusiasts living in the community, we are familiar with the variety of habitats in our area and the birds each habitat attracts.  This helps us to advise folks about the species likely to visit their area and how to bring them into view at the feeder.” 

Our goals

“Feeding and watching backyard birds is my hobby. The Wild Bird Haven is a place where I can share the joy of feeding birds with others,” says owner, Jill Himonas. “Our exceptional team is trained to help customers select the right feeders and feed for the birds who frequent their habitat, or for those they especially want to attract.”

The store is designed to be a haven for its customers – a garden setting filled with nature’s sights, sounds and scents. Listen to the gentle music and birdsong. Enjoy the colorful garden art displays that change with the seasons. Inhale the enchanting fragrances from Crabtree & Evelyn’s natural botanical toiletries. 

Our daily goal is to surprise and delight you, our customer. We want you to enjoy your shopping experience and leave with that perfect gift or with products that help you discover the hidden treasure in your own backyard! 

About Buying American

Our objective is to provide a selection of highly functional products that will enable nature lovers to enjoy the sights, sounds and antics of wild birds up close. Whenever available, we buy American-made merchandise. Well over 60% of our inventory is produced in the USA!