Wildbird Blogs

Birdwalk Report 11/19/11
Jacks Peak Park
Leader: Blake Matheson

Jacks Peak Park rests on the saddle of the Monterey Peninsula's spine and forms one of...

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Birdwalk Report 10/8/11
San Jose Creek ("Camp Lobos")
Leader: Robert Horn

Through special arrangement with California State Parks and current...

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Birdwalk Report 9/17/11
Carmel River Mouth Wetlands
Leader: Bill Hill

Most local birders consider this area to be one of the best "hotspots" on the...

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Thank You All!

Audubon Spring Birdathon Dinner

Thank you to all of you who helped make the Monterey Peninsula Audubon Society's Spring Birdathon Dinner...

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Birding at Point Lobos

Nesting Cormorants

We love to go to Point Lobos, and recently we saw Brandt's Cormorants...

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